D-link dwa-160a2 linux driver

D-link dwa-160a2 linux driver

D-Link is a world leader in networking hardware manufacturing. Information about our award winning Fast Ethernet Network Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Network Kits, and USB products. (nolazhe.filemulti.pw). Register your product to extend your free support from 30 days to 90 days Warranty Document. Click here to see this product's warranty document. First Time Setting Up? Check out our FAQs, Videos and Quick Install Guides Contact Premium Support. This product has been discontinued. Free support for this product has ended on 06/01/ Sep 17,  · DLink DWA USB key is a low price dual-band and 5 GHz wifi adapter.. Latest hardware revision DLink DWA rev. B2 is introducing a new RT chipset as a replacement with RT The result is that, as most of the time with latest wifi adapters, this new harware revision is not recognised Out Of The Box under Ubuntu Precise "For Hardware A1/A2: Fixed system hang issue on some platform and driver issues with FC9 on some PC Enhancements to disabled TKIP and WEP HT for WiFi new requirement Supported OS: 1. Redhat Enterprise 5(RHEL5) Kernel_el5xen 2. Apr 08,  · This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. D-Link DWA Network Adapter Driver D-Link DWA USB Adapter Driver D-Link DWA Adapter Driver DWA WLAN D-Link Operating System: Windows.

B2 is introducing a new RT chipset as a replacement with RT The result is that, as most of the time with latest wifi adapters, this new harware revision is not recognised Out Of The Box under Ubuntu Precise The generic rtusb module is not able to handle the new chipset RT embedded with the DWA rev. So, with little effort, you will be able to get a working DWA rev.

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B2 USB key under Ubuntu This article explains all the steps needed to achieve this goal. It will also explain how to configure DKMS so that your driver will be automatically built and installed during every kernel update.

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It has been tested under Ubuntu 64bits Precise But it should work on the 32bits version. I've got few reports saying that the drivers are not compatible with kernel 3.

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So, if you are planning to use DWA it's advisable stay with Ubuntu DWA is also know to freeze under heavy network load. When this happens, the only solution is to unplug and replug the key. Till date this bug has not been corrected. Because of all that, this wifi key is not, at this time, a very good deal for Linux users.

1. Check your Hardware Version

To be able to compile the source drivers, we need to install the minimal compilation environment. This can be done quite easily under Ubuntu. This archive should be extracted and will provide rt This firmware should be copied as root to the firmware default folder.

D-link dwa-160a2 linux driver

We now have to download the latest drivers published by Ralink. From the directory where you have downloaded the drivers, start these commands :.

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  • To remove some compilation warnings, we have to modify. To avoid a compilation error, we also have to add one GPL license declaration line missing at the beginning of.

    We need to change the cifer combination in. The same way we need to define some functions that are only available in latest 2. As Ralink sources are meant for kernels 2. This should be done by adding these lines at the beginning of. It's Ralink mess.

    In this file, wifi supported modes are defined by the key WirelessMode. To avoid to get random disconnexion, I've found that it's better to use a restrictive combination according to your Wifi AP. Another interesting parameter to get better stability is WmmCapable.

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    I've found that connexion is much more stable with QoS disabled. Before doing any compilation job, we need to save the complete patched driver folder for later DKMS declaration. Latest error is also normal, as the makefile tries to copy one file in a root folder. As operation is not done as sudo With latest drivers, the orange Led is not blinking any more.

    It's normal.

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    You should now be able to connect to any 2. As you've loaded the module manually, you now have to enable it to automatically load at startup.

    Now that driver has been tested and is working properly, we will use DKMS mecanism to rebuild and reinstall it at every kernel update. The package compiles and installs into the kernel tree.

    DKMS is called automatically upon installation of new kernel-image packages, and therefore modules added to DKMS will be automatically carried across updates.

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  • For rtsta driver to be compiled and installed automatically with new kernel updates, we first need to create a DKMS configuration file. This file has to be created at the root of the previously saved drivers-dkms driver source directory.

    D-link dwa-160a2 linux driver

    Building module: cleaning build area DKMS: build completed. DKMS: install completed. To check what type of speed I can expect from this new wifi adapter, I've done a very simple file transfert test from a NAS with Gbits attachment to my desktop.

    2. Install needed Packages

    We can say that there is some improvment from the previous 54G network to the new This article is published "as is", without any warranty that it will work for your specific need. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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