Crack password dmg file

Crack password dmg file

Password Cracking AES DMGs and Epic Self-Pwnage. On OS X, Disk Utility can be used to create encrypted disk images called DMGs. DMGs are self-contained portable files, of customizable size, that when mounted (i.e. double-clicked) display on the desktop like any other disk drive where files . Short answer is you are fucked. Brute force may be your only option and unless you have a weak password you could be waiting a long time. Because the files are encrypted using AES, it'll take a really really really REALLY long time to crack the password if your password isn't in the dictionaries, so it's safe to assume your files are gone forever. However, applications such as Spartan will attempt to crack DMGs if you really want the files inside. Jun 26,  · How to Crack a DMG Password. A dmg file is a compressed file structure, capable of containing folders, files, etc. Dmg files can be used for a variety of purposes, from encrypting a home directory (ie – FileVault) to encrypting a file structure manually. A dmg file . Short answer is you are fucked. Brute force may be your only option and unless you have a weak password you could be waiting a long time.

Two weeks ago I was in the midst of a nightmare.

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Not just any password. THE password. Without this one password I was cryptographically locked out of thousands and gigabytes worth of files I care about. Highly sensitive and valuable files that include work documents, personal projects, photos, code snippets, notes, family stuff, etc.

The password in question unlocks these files from the protection of locally stored AES encrypted disk image. File backups? Of course! Encrypted the same way with the same password.

Password paper backup? If not, the amount of epic self-pwnage would be too horrible to imagine. As my badge wall shows, I travel a lot, all around the world, and often with the same laptop.

Crack password dmg file

A MacBook Pro. My computer becoming lost, stolen, or imaged by border guards and other law enforcement officers is a constant concern. Realistically, while my brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt certainly helps in many situations, it can be utterly useless in other real-world encounters. If this should happen, ideally my data, other than email, should remain safe even after the adversary lands on my desktop. Setting up this type of layered security fall-back plan is where we return to the conversation of encrypted disk images.

DMGs are self-contained portable files, of customizable size, that when mounted i. To ensure this, all you have to do is set a reasonable password. A great thing about DMGs is that they can be stored anywhere. Hidden in some obscure directory on the local machine, a network storage device, a USB drive, whatever. All my confidential files are typically stored this way, in a series of encrypted DMGs with separate passwords.

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Also very important, DMGs containing sensitives files are only mounted on an as-needed basis. This is for two reasons:. Simply copy-paste as necessary. Well, convenient up until the point where you forget a DMG password. I wake up once upon a recent morning and begin my daily routine.

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  • Check calendar. Check email. Checks RSS. Check Twitter. Start working, start reading. As is common, I mount a DMG and am greeted by the familiar password dialog. First password attempt, fail. Second attempt, fail. Third attempt, fail. Warning dialog appears.

    How to Crack a DMG Password

    Annoyed, but not concerned. Check the caps lock key. Try the password again. Fail, fail, fail. Rinse, repeat several more times. Am I at least trying to type the correct password for the DMG? I believe so.

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    A few dozen password fails later, annoyance begins constricting into panic. I have some non-DMG-required work to complete anyway. An hour later, I repeated the same password attempt cycle. No dice. The password fails mounting up are now in the hundreds.

    I start to mouth some obscenities and my keyboard is really not liking the pounding. My wife is beginning to eyeball me with concern. Oh, no! Think positive, think optimistic. Keep calm. Carry on.

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    I even remember most of it. At least, I think I do. One day turns into two, two into three. All like the first. What also sucks is without access to this DMG, more specifically the work documents within it, my daily productivity plummets. Finally, after nearly a week I have to admit to myself, I forgot it. Time for Plan B.

    Crack a forgotten password to hack a .dmg file?

    I begin searching around for DMG password cracking tools. My thought is since I have a partial password, I should be fine. Most of the results pages are littered with people responding by cracking jokes when asked about cracking DMG AES crypto. Yeah, slow. For my particular circumstance, this was fine.

    I figured I was only missing between 1 — 3 characters of the password anyway. It was not to be. Then my fuzzy memory suggested I might be missing as much as 6 characters. Time for Plan C. This included one such retort from a friend who works in law enforcement computer forensics. I was freaked. A sense of futility and finality was setting in.

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    Then Jeremi Gosney of Stricture Consulting Group graciously offered up the use of his mega hash cracking computing resources as well.

    No joking around, they immediately dove right in. Its enormous size basically precluded that.

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    Given the sensitive nature of the data, I actually preferred the data lost than suffer any risk of a leak. Fortunately, JtR has something called dmg2john. I provided the bug details to john-dev and john-users mailing list to replicate. The JtR developers had the issues fixed in a couple days. These guys are awesome. Next step, send the dmg2john output of my DMG over to Jeremi at Stricture along with everything I think I remember about what my password might have been.

    Jeremi explains why….

    Crack password dmg file

    Once understanding this, Jeremi begins asking for more information about what the extra six or so characters in my password might have been. What about digits? Any special characters? Which characters were most likely used, or not used? Ever bit of intel helped a lot. We managed to whittle down an in initial possible password combinations to This meant the total amount of time required to crack the DMG was reduced to 3. Relieving because I recognized the password immediately upon sight.

    I knew it was right, but my anxiety level remained at 10 until typing it in and seeing it work. It was a tender moment, but also frightening because, well, no security professional is ever comfortable seeing such a prized password emailed to them from someone else. This might be common knowledge to password and crypto pros, but for the average InfoSec or Web Security expert, I highly doubt it.

    Password Cracking AES-256 DMGs and Epic Self-Pwnage

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    Crack password dmg file

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