Ge concord 4 installer code reset

Ge concord 4 installer code reset

Sep 26,  · Concord 4 Default Installer Code. 9/26/ 0 Comments Basic Programming Functions + Quick install cheat sheet. To programme a Concord 4. How to program sensors into a GE Concord 4 panel. since they are already programmed by default. Concord 4 master code reset. I was able to use the default installer's code to get into the programming. May 24,  · I need help programming my GE Concord 4 system with alphanumeric keypad. I have the Dealer, Installer, System Master and Partition Master codes. The system will NOT let me enter programming mode through 8+installer-code+0+0. Nov 10,  · I'm curious whether the hard reset/eprom clear function on the Concord Express panel resets absolutely everything to factory defaults. The installation manual does not cover the process. Concord 4 Installation Manual 7 Figure 1: Panel and component locations on a wall Total system power and wire length guidelines The panel can supply up to 1 amp (1, mA) in full load alarm condition for system devices connected to panel terminals 4 (+12V), 7 and 8 (speaker terminals), 9 (OUT1), 11 (+12V), 24 (2W SMK ZONE 8), and SnapCard. Jun 28,  · Purchased home with GE Concord 4 series alarm. Was not given any access codes. Factory code does not work. - Answered by a verified Electronics Technician.

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Concord 4 master code reset

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    Thread Tools. I just moved into a house that has a fairly new Concord 4 system installed by Protection One. I was never given any codes and haven't had it activated yet. I typically run from long-term commitments in life, so 3 years was a pretty big red flag for me. I decided to see what I could try the system out unmonitored. The default master code doesn't work. Somehow when trying to guess codes I armed the system to stay. Now I can't disarm it.

    I powered down the system waited 30 min and then turned it back on and it was still armed. So my questions are 1 how do I disarm the system if I only know the installer's code. View Public Profile.

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    Find all posts by drewdat. Originally Posted by drewdat. So, no matter how long I leave it unplugged it will be armed when I turn it back on? Can P1 reset the codes to the defaults with it armed? Yes, there is an eeprom chip in there that stores everything from previous power-down except time and date. Your only option is to sweet talk P1 into resetting the master code. IF they have the code previous owner may have changed it If there is a way to get a hold of the previous owner of the house, maybe they can help you out.

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    Ge concord 4 installer code reset

    Should be good to go. Thanks for the tips The bad news is that the system now is making outbound calls to my cell phone which I had earlier programmed as the CS phone so that it wouldn't go to P1. Even when I put in wrong codes the system just goes back to Time and Date without beeping at me like it normally does.

    Any ideas how to take the system out of duress? Originally Posted by kcxj.

    Right now, nothing works. Every time I power up the duress calls start going out. I put in the installer code and nothing happens. Any ideas of how to get out of duress status? Then panel is trying to send the duress signal in to the cs and since you deleted the rec it is not getting a handshake.

    Did you write down the old rec? If not, you may need to default the panel and reprogram everything. Do you have an alpha keypad?

    P1 only uses the ATP or the fixed English keypad with the door that swings sideways. I do have the alpha keypad. When I called P1 before sending the duress code they said they were still getting my signal through the GSM unit.

    I wrote down the Account Number and phone number for the P1 CS but I'm not sure how to get in and change it since I can't get into program mode.

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    How can I default the panel and reprogram everything without getting into program mode? I may still have a chance of getting the master code. I'm waiting to hear back from the previous owner. If I get that will I be able to get out of duress mode? P1 uses the alarm. I'm not sure about the GSM module. What are the chances that P1 could fix this thing remotely? I talked to P1 and they put in a request to reset the defaults.

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    I called back and they said they were getting the signals I was sending through the GSM unit but the technician tried and was not able to get into my system remotely.

    Sounds like you are good to go now as far as resetting the panel yourself or getting to the codes Hit it will ask you for your code, enter your installer code followed by the key System will power down, then power up again. Let me know how it goes.

    Ge concord 4 installer code reset

    That is the crazy part. The installer code doesn't work. Before putting in the duress code, I had reset the installer code and used it several times to get in to the programming menu. Now I can't get into anything. It's like the duress code locked me out completely.

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    Sine the dealer code and call center number cannot be reset even by doing a hard reset on the board to wipe its memory First download the installation programming manual not just the user programming manual , and write down all the existing system settings - mostly the sensor settings.

    Then walk yourself through the installation manual as a dry-run to make sure you have all the info you need.

    Then take a bunch of photos of your current board so that you know how all the wires are connected maybe make some tape labels for each before disconnecting. Then you disconnect the system power and back-up battery, the all the other connections. Remove the old board, put in the new one and follow the installation manual, using all the info and photos you recorded earlier.

    Ge concord 4 installer code reset

    Takes a couple hours and maybe a couple visits t this forum, but pretty straight forward. All the codes are the defaults indicated in the manual , , , etc. Find all posts by dpvwia. If anyone in this situation, just power down the board and carefully remove the 8-pin EEPROM, ask someone to help read out the Installer or User Master code, then just reinstall the eeprom and done with it.

    Last edited by Shadeladie; at PM. Find all posts by 24lc I may need to do this pretty soon. Last edited by nmcgrawj; at AM. Find all posts by nmcgrawj. Sorry for this late reply -- I has not checked the forum lately.

    What you really need is to remove the 8-pin EEPROM from the board, and use a chip programmer any kind of memory and microprocessor programmers will be able to read this chip to read the data out.

    The Installer, Dealer, System Master codes are stored in this data. Any recommendations as to which eprom reader to use to read this? We are in a similar situation to the one above. Find all posts by centaur. Have you tried letting the control make all its dialing attempts and then using the installers code? Most controls will dial a predetermined amount of times before giving up. I'm not familiar with ge but have experience with several other brands.

    Find all posts by davanman.

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  • On the board it has an 8 pin chip that says: on a sticker on the chip.