Seal dry mount press manual

Seal dry mount press manual

Dec 23,  · I have been using this dry-mount press for about seven months, and I have very few memories of a piece coming out right the first time without needing a lot of second/third attempts. I figure it has got to be something I'm doing wrong, because I learned dry-mounting with tissue and on a 40 x 60 vacuum press, and this is not air-pressurized. Seal Dry Mount Press Instructions The press I'm using now is a 26 x 34 Masterpiece T-X by Seal Products. I have been using this dry-mount press for about seven months, and I have very here is a link to the manual which. Mechanical Dry Mounting/Laminating Press Operation and Service OWNERS MANUAL Masterpiece M. press on overnight, and unplug the power cord while Pre-dry the artwork and substrate (if needed) and assem-ble the materials to be processed. Refer to the specific. Seal Masterpiece professional dry mounting, laminating press with giant " x 23" (47cm x 58cm) platen for one-piece work, sections 36" (91cm) by any length. Excellent condition. Sale by original owner, with manual and original packing materials/5(2). Excellent quality photocopy of the original Seal Operating Manual for the Standard , Commercial , Jumbo and Masterpiece Dry Mounting / Laminating Presses. This 4 page manual is printed on double sided 11"x17" heavy weight paper and folded in the center just like the original.

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Cookies 1st Notice. The bottom layer of the heat plate? I figure it has got to be something I'm doing wrong, because I learned dry-mounting with tissue and on a 40 x 60 vacuum press, and this is not air-pressurized. The set-up, which always stays in the press, is two 32 x 40 mats below the piece, and two release boards above the piece. The most common problem I have is bubbling.

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  • Usually in the center of the image, occasionally at the edges. This happens with magazine pages, whether or not I spray them with de-acidification spray, and even with brand new prints on clean standard printer paper. I keep it at around degrees regardless. The shop is in a building where the temperature is usually somewhat inconsistently heated at around 60 degrees in winter, if that makes a difference.

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    Do I need a new press? Is my dry-mount board not compatible?

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    It seems the only common factor is something I must be doing incorrectly. Please help, advice is greatly appreciated. It sounds like a pressure problem which is often caused by irregular pressure from the sponge pad or misadjusted hinges.

    Drymount Press (A lot of detail for the best help, I hope)

    Also, depending of which type of adhesive you are using, some bond upon heating and do not need to be weighted and others bond upon cooling and require direct contact and weight while they are cooling. A 32 x 40 box of glass over a silicone release board makes an excellent weight.

    What is the condition of the felt covered sponge pad? Are there soft areas in the center? The rubber can degrade and after years of use, needs to be replaced. Also, are the hinges properly adjusted? With more and more heat sensitive images, wide-format printing and open editions printed to canvas, bamboo, acrylic, vinyl, etc.

    This session will explore and compare mounting alternatives, adhesives, and substrates to handle art in the 21st century. Problem areas will include: warping and counter-mounting, HA boards, permanent vs. M - Mastering Mounting: Sensitive Items M This lecture will address the do's and don'ts of mounting everyday sensitive items.

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    This class is designed for framers who already understand dry mounting and is ideal for new, potential, and existing system owners. Creative mounting, wrapping, and laminating techniques in this session will include tiered matting surface, under, pin-striped and bevel banding ; wrapped and embossed mats; one-step shadowboxes; retexturing and resurfacing laminates; leather-look, contempo panels; faux glass etching; and canvas transferring.

    There will be extensive samples and diagrams Jim Miller FL - Complete Guide to Basic Mounting Techniques FL Learn the basics of permanent mounting for documents, posters, photographs, and other replaceable paper items. This session covers the materials, procedures, and equipment for dry mounting, wet mounting, spray mounting, and pressure-sensitive adhesive mounting. Learn how to select the right method for each job. Step-by-step instructions help you achieve secure mounts, minimize risk and avoid mistakes, and solve common problems in permanent mounting.

    Removal techniques will also be discussed. FW - Complete Guide to Basic Mounting Techniques Workshop FW This practical workshop gives you the opportunity to permanently mount paper items using the methods, materials, and equipment covered in the prerequisite lecture.

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    In addition to typical window-mat presentations, learn how float mounting and inlay mounting can simplify and beautify your framing, especially for multiple items, such as vacation snapshots or multi-part newspaper articles. Make the most of permanent mounting in your frame designs. Class size is limited. You must attend FL to register for this workshop.

    Seal dry mount press manual

    If you're considering buying a drymount press or already own one but would like to expand your knowledge of the appropriate care and maintenance required, this class is for you.

    Rob Markoff , Dec 20, Do you keep the lid down when it sits idle. I use 2 release boards with one above the art and the other below.

    Seal dry mount press manual

    The bottom board is cut to 30x40 with the top being 32x40 so it is easy to lift the upper. Your temp seems way too high but the boards need to stay hot while not in use. A lot of people leave the lid up when not in use and that means the boards will take a couple of minutes to get up to temp especially since you have 2 above the artwork.

    I close the lid but don't clamp it when not in use so everything in the press is at a constant temp. I've seen a couple of broken noses by people leaving the lid up and them putting a hand on the lid while reaching over the press while the handle crashes into their face.

    Dry Mount Press

    Be sure to adjust the pressure of the lid as described in the manual which Larry Peterson has on his manuals page. Jeff Rodier , Dec 20, Are you pre-drying your art before you attempt to mount it?

    Residual moisture can weaken a bond. If not, it may be a lousy batch of the Kool-Tac or SpeedMount.

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    Bill Henry- , Dec 20, Artistic Framer , Dec 20, I didn't question it until now. I think they may have been mistakenly left in there?

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  • I am going to be using just one from now on, thank you. I have never thought to pre-dry my pieces, and am not sure how possible it is given that often I am dry-mounting pieces that extend beyond the 28 x 36 heat press. Here it seems even simple stuff like magazine articles and plain printer paper struggle to stay adhered.

    I liked using dry-mount tissue I think it was called Colorount?

    Seal dry mount press manual

    I always keep the press closed when I'm not using it, and allow it to heat up to full temperature for at least 15 minutes before mounting anything. I also turned down the temperature. I had been instructed to keep it at degrees, but the knob to adjust the temperature read while the thermostat on the piece was reading So assuming the thermostat is most accurate, it is now at closer to Today dared mount a small 6" x 24" piece of paper for the third time today, with the lower temperature and allowing it to sit in the press for about 20 seconds after pressure was lifted.

    It seemed to work pretty well, only bubbled in one spot so i popped it back in for another 15 seconds and it was smooth to my standards. Rob - Thank you for all the links.

    Re: A few Seal drymount press pdf's for your personal use

    I will borrow or buy a thermometer to test the consistency of the heat, I suspect that could be a big part of the issue. I will have to go back with a flashlight to get a better look at the rubber pad, but it didn't seem to be covered in felt from what I can tell?

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  • I will be buying that book as a Christmas present to myself! I do a ton of mounting in my TX and use it for minutes at and the only failure ever was a graphic art student's print that did not have enough time to dry after printing.

    A few Seal drymount press pdf's for your personal use

    I never pre-dry anything and use Foam Cor brand heat activated board mostly. Jeff Rodier , Dec 21, Thank you Jeff!

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