Carta semilogaritmica 6 ducati pdf editor

Carta semilogaritmica 6 ducati pdf editor

View and Download DUCATI SUPERBIKE owner's manual online. SUPERBIKE Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Superbike s. Ducati Data Analyzer with USB (for S only) A USB DDA (1) is supplied in kit form. To use the DDA, position it under the seat with the cap (2) fitted and the connector (3) from the main wiring loom. 1 DDS (Ducati Diagnosis System) + manifold vacuum meter. kit 1 2 Belt tensioning kit 1 3 Sensor 1 4 Bracket 1 5 Battery 2 6 Feeder 1 7 DDS manual 1 8 (USB) Memory card reader 1 9 Main cable 1 10 Fuse 2 11 Software DDS. Creative, youthful and spirited, the new Ducati Scrambler is more than just a motorcycle, it is a new brand that enhances creativity, self-expression and the sharing of positive emotions. It is a universe of fun, joy and freedom made of motorcycles, accessories and apparel. XDiavel by numbers. , , Three numbers that summarise. Ducati / Ducati Superbike Panigale. Shopping Cart 0 drawing(s) Buy credits. Portable Document Format .pdf) Scalable Vector Graphics .svg) AutoCAD .dwg) Drawing Exchange Format .dxf) Ducati Superbike Panigale outlines Ducati Superbike Panigale templates. Ducati styling is the real thing, loaded with substance, challenging a rider to get the most out of the bike, and out of themselves. The company is relatively small. Of total employees, are engineers going for the ultimate in motorcycle design. Almost all production operations are assembly and test.

Page of Go. Page 85 - Checking the brake and clutch fluid leve Page 86 Page 87 - Checking the brake pads for wear Page 88 - Lubricating cables and linkages Page 89 - Adjustment of the throttle cable free pl Owner's manual.

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  • Table of Contents. Motorcycle Ducati Scrambler Owner's Manual pages. Page 4 Ducati Motor Holding S. Page 6 Vehicle identification number VIN ; Technical data Label location California evaporation emission system mm Overall dimensions Ducati limited warranty on emission control system Weights Engine Timing system Routine maintenance record Performance data Page 7: General Indications In your own interest, and in order to guarantee product at risk, and could lead to severe injury or even death.

    Page 8: Useful Road Safety Information Useful road safety information Always signal your intention to turn or change lane in good time, using the appropriate turn signals. Be sure you are clearly visible and avoid riding within the Warning blind spot of a vehicle in front of you. Read this section before riding your motorcycle.

    Page 9: Riding With A Full Load Riding with a full load Arrange your luggage or heavy accessories in the lowest possible position and as close to centre of the motorcycle Your motorcycle is designed for travelling over long as possible. Secure the luggage firmly to the motorcycle structure.

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    Page Identification Data Identification data All Ducati motorcycles have two identification numbers, one for the frame fig. Frame number Engine number Notes These numbers indicate the motorcycle model and should be quoted when ordering spare parts. Page Controls Controls Warning This section shows the position and function of the controls used to drive the motorcycle.

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    Be sure to read this information carefully before you use the controls. Position of the motorcycle controls fig. Page Instrument Panel Instrument panel fig. Indicates engine revs per minute. Illuminates when the gearbox is in neutral. Illuminates when there are approximately 3 litres of fuel left in the tank. Page 13 11 Traction Control light fig. Indicator light 11A: with DTC activated, illuminates when minimal torque reduction is applied.

    Never operate the instrument panel controls while riding the motorcycle. Indicates road speed. Shows total distance travelled. Page 15 If you accidentally fig. In the case of any problems, contact an authorized Ducati service centre to carry outthe necessary checks. Page 17 At Key-On, the instrument panel always shows the following information de-activating any previously activated functions, with the exception of the Traction Control function : Odometer Air temperature Clock Speed Coolant temperature Engine rpm At this point, with switch 1, fig.

    Page 18 Total distance travelled indicator odometer vs. At Key-On the system automatically enters this function.

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    The reading is saved permanently and cannot be reset. Page 19 Air temperature indicator vs.

    Carta semilogaritmica 6 ducati pdf editor

    Page 20 Motorcycle speed vs. Page 21 Coolant temperature indicator vs. While in this function, if you press switch 1, fig. If the reading exceeds If the fuel level remains in reserve, the reading is saved even after Key-Off.

    Page 25 km on the odometer; every km on the odometer.

    The service indicator will remain on the display until reset. When the service indicator appears, contact your Ducati dealer or Authorized Service Centre. The battery voltage reading is displayed as follows: - if the reading is between Page 27 Engine idle speed adjustment rpm This function displays the engine idle speed adjustment.

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    In addition to the upper rev counter scale, the display also shows engine rpm numerically so that you can adjust the idle speed more precisely. Page 28 LAP time display function This function displays the recorded lap time. Page 29 When you switch the LAP function off using the menu, the lap in progress is not saved. If the LAP function is active and the instrument panel is suddenly switched off Key-Off , the LAP function is switched off automatically even if the timer was ON, the lap in progress is not saved.

    Carta semilogaritmica 6 ducati pdf editor

    From this menu page, if you hold pressed switch 1, fig. Page 33 This function is only available on the S version. The rider must always be aware that active safety systems It is used to activate the Ducati Traction Control system: DTC have a preventive function. The active elements help the rider control the motorcycle, making it as easy and safe to Warning ride as possible.

    If you wish to set this level, press switch 1, fig. Tips on how to select the intervention level If you wish to set this level, press switch 1, fig. Page 38 The choice of the correct level depends on 3 main variables: Tips for use on the track We recommend that level 8 is used for a couple of full laps 1 The amount of grip available type of tyre, amount of to allow the tyres to warm up in order to get used to the tyre wear, the track surface, weather conditions, etc.

    Page 39 Clock setting function This function is used to set the clock time. From this page, if you press switch 1, fig. Page 40 The instrument runs the system diagnostics correctly Warning 60 seconds after the last Key-Off.

    Every time an error is displayed, always contact an Any errors detected in the behaviour of the motorcycle are authorized Ducati Service Centre. Warning Error message Error Page 42 Warning Error message Error light WAT Engine coolant temperature sensor error T.

    Carta semilogaritmica 6 ducati pdf editor

    UP Page 45 Display backlight Intelligent headlight switch-on The instrument panel backlighting is always activated at key- This function allows programmed activation of the headlight ON. The instrument panel is equipped with internal sensors even with the motorcycle off Key-Off. Notes Your Ducati dealer may ask you to produce your Code Card in order to carry out certain servicing operations. The black keys B are the keys for normal use, and are used to: - start the engine; This shows the electronic code A, fig.

    This menu should be active only if there is at least one immobilizer error. Page 49 Entering the code: If the code has been entered correctly, the message CODE on entering this function, the first digit on the left starts and the code itself will flash simultaneously for 4 seconds.

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  • The motorcycle diagnostics warning light 9, fig. Page Left-hand Handlebar Switch Left-hand handlebar switch fig. To cancel the indicator, press the lever once it has returned to the central position.

    Page Clutch Lever Clutch lever The lever 1 disengages the clutch. The span adjuster 2 serves to alter the distance of the lever from the handlebar.

    The lever distance can be adjusted through 10 clicks of the knob 2. Turn the knob clockwise to move the lever away from twistgrip, or anti-clockwise to move it closer. Page Right-hand Handlebar Switch Right-hand handlebar switch fig. Warning This switch is mainly intended for use in emergencies when you need to stop the engine quickly. After stopping the engine, return the switch to the position to start the engine.

    Page Front Brake Lever Front brake lever fig.

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    The system is hydraulically assisted and you only need to pull the lever gently. The brake lever 1 has a knob 2 for adjusting the distance between lever and twistgrip on the handlebar.

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    Page Rear Brake Pedal Rear brake pedal fig. The system is controlled hydraulically.

    To adjust the position, proceed as follows: restrain the tie-rod 1 and slacken the locknuts 2 and 3. Page 58 To adjust the position of the rear brake pedal, proceed as follows: Loosen the locknut 4. Turn the pedal travel adjustment bolt 5 until the pedal is in the desired position. Tighten the locknut 4 to a torque of 2. Operate the pedal by hand to check that there is 1. Lift the cap.

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  • Closing Close the cap with the key inserted and push it into its seat. Turn the key anticlockwise to the initial position and remove it. Page Seat Lock Seat lock fig. Raise the rear of the seat 2 until it can be extracted. Page Sidestand Sidestand Notes fig. Before lowering the sidestand, check that the ground is sufficiently even and firm. Notes Do not park on soft or pebbled ground or on asphalt melted The engine can be started with the sidestand down