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Apr 13,  · Quick Summary. PhoneRescue is a nice data recovery software for retrieving files deleted or lost from Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (and now Android phones and tablets as well). iMobie claims that the app can recover a wide range of file types including photos, messages, notes, contacts, call history, calendar, reminders, and third-party app data/5. PhoneClean is the most popular and well-received iPhone cleaner software in the market. Check what customers and experts say about PhoneClean Pro before you purchase. IMobie Phonetrans Pro Crack Key + Serial Number Download. IMobie Phonetrans Pro Review: IMobie Phonetrans Pro Software is the latest world’s most popular software to share all kind of data from mobile devices to your PC or Mac. It support all .

PhoneRescue is a nice data recovery software for retrieving files deleted or lost from Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and now Android phones and tablets as well. Note: This review has been revamped for freshness and accuracy. The iMobie team has launched several updates, one of which is the program now supports recovering data from Android devices.

PhoneRescue is software developed by iMobie Inc. The program does several things beyond that. The program runs on Windows and macOS. The initial version was released on June 17, , and the latest version when I updated this review is 3. PhoneRescue supports five languages now seven , Arabic and Chinese were added :.

PhoneRescue is safe to use as well. That said, I still recommend you back up your phone or tablet before using the program. To start with, the download and installation process is easy and straightforward.

Each mode deals with a specific type of data loss situation. I also added a separate section exploring the export feature. This mode requires that your iOS device be recognized by your computer.

iMobie PhoneRescue Review

Also, the color of the arrow button in right corner turns from light blue to dark blue, meaning it is now clickable. Hit it to continue. Then the app started to analyze my device. The process took less than a minute.

The whole process is really quick. It only took a few minutes to scan my 16GB iPhone and extract all the recoverable data. However, this might make it a bit hectic for locating specific files you want to retrieve.


Select this mode, then click the arrow on the bottom-right corner to get started. This is quite similar to the result I got from the first recovery mode items.

This recovery mode is like an iTunes backup extractor. PhoneRescue automatically finds the iTunes backup file and extracts content from it. If you use iTunes, you should know you can use the software to backup and restore any iOS device. This Apple support article has more. However, I feel this recovery mode from PhoneRescue is superior to the Apple method for several reasons.

PhoneRescue allows you to preview the content and then selectively restore deleted files.

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  • Please note : Here, there is a difference between the PC and Mac versions. The Mac version only supports iOS 8. This is how it worked for me:. It asked me to sign in iCloud with my Apple ID. Pay attention to the text description: iMobie claims they will never retain any of your Apple account info or content. After inputting my Apple ID and password, it found all the devices that have enabled iCloud backup. I need to choose a backup to download before I can move forward.

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  • I can simply go to the official iCloud. This is the fourth module of PhoneRescue. According to iMobie, this recovery mode is best to use when your device is stuck on a black screen or Apple logo, or keeps restarting. When I click the blue button to continue, you can see it says my device works well, and that there is no need to repair it. If you have the chance to use this feature, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

    The scanning process serves as the initial step so you can evaluate whether your lost data can be found and retrieved. I saved many files to my computer. There was no problem; the process is pretty straightforward. Also, I found the quality of recovered filse is high.

    IMobie Phonetrans Pro 4.2.6 Crack Key + Serial Number Download

    For instance, the images are all the same size several MBs as they were. To test, I selected a text message.

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    This is necessary and complete safe for the recovery. The screen looked like the one below, and I noticed my iPhone was restarting. In several minutes, the process was completed. I remember I selected one. Is this a bug? If it is recovered, there will be duplicates. PhoneRescue automatically skips the duplicates on an iOS device.

    What is PhoneRescue

    So, this is NOT a bug! But I feel the process is a bit complicated and time-consuming. That way should be safer and easier. Like I said, PhoneRescue works. It can recover many types of deleted or lost files from an iOS device.

    Thanks to the four comprehensive recovery modes, PhoneRescue is capable of dealing with a variety of different data loss scenarios. However, it tends to find many files that are not deleted or lost, which makes it harder to locate the items you actually want to recover. We only need it when disaster strikes, and after recovering the data hopefully we should learn our lesson and be extra cautious in the future. In this sense, data recovery software is like a one-time shot: The value for future usage is quite limited if not none.

    I bought the Family Licence, purely for the purpose of testing both Windows and Mac versions of the program. There is no question about the usability of PhoneRescue. Elegant user interface design and helpful text instructions make it incredibly easy to handle.

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    Also, the four easy-to-understand recovery modes simplify complex data loss scenarios. Well done, iMobie team! The iMobie customer support team can be reached out via standard email.

    I emailed them several times, and they were quite responsive. The thing I think they could improve on is customer engagement. I just feel an engaging conversation would make customers feel more valued. The trial is totally free to download, use, and allows you to scan and preview certain types of files that it finds. After that, the limitation is removed instantly. The best place to get the latest version of PhoneRescue is to visit the official website of iMobie and download it there.

    I highly recommend you not download the program from third-party download sites due to security concerns. The full version of PhoneRescue is not free.

    Any website that claims you can get a free licence code is either illegal or a scam. Important Note: The pricing structure has changed since version 3.

    It now offers three types of licenses as you see here. Learn more from iMobie Store here. The key difference is the number of PCs or Macs you can install the program on.

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  • See the screenshot below:. Normally, the personal licence is all you need. I bought the family license receipt disclosed below to test the functionality of both its Windows and Mac versions. However, each mode is not without problems. Regardless, I think PhoneRescue is a great piece of software, and I like it. PhoneRescue at least gives you some hope to recover that data. That is the best way to avoid data loss. Considering that PhoneRescue is powerful software that offers dozens of features to rescue iPhone data from a variety of scenarios, it was impossible for me to test each feature.

    Line which iMobie claims the program can recover data from, etc. However, I did test the program as well as I could. Please note the opinions in this review are my own, and they may not be accurate with the passage of time. I have never asked or used any free licenses from the iMobie marketing team. All the content in this review is purely my own opinion. Have you tried PhoneRescue? Either way, share your thoughts in the comments below.

    If you decide to purchase iMobie PhoneRescue, it would be appreciated if you could use this link. I have only looked at the trial version and have not purchased anything yet.