Portable astrology software . janus 4.1

Portable astrology software . janus 4.1

Janus is a major update which enhances the power of the software considerably. The program now has many features not found anywhere else, and a truly great astromapping module. For both traditional and modern astrologers, Janus is an amazing value and a very worthwhile program. Shri Muhurta Portable - Astrology Software -- DOWNLOAD. Providing 30 years of professional astrological services. We are based in New Zealand and have been providing professional astrology consultations and astrology reports since and developing Janus Astrology Software since Our clients and Janus customers come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. Jan 24,  · Shri Muhurta (Electional Astrology). The software allows the user to easily compare alternative options,. Shri Muhurta for WINDOWS Price.. Portable Shri Muhurta Pro Janus - Portable Astrology Software February (5) About Me(By Profession Scientist) Astrologer. 8 Astrology - Horoscope Softwares ===== 1. Daily Astrology. Apr 22,  · Astrology House Janus has all of the standard calculation features expected of a top of the line astrology software program, including natal and transit reports, astro-mapping, Arabic Parts, fixed stars, progressed charts and return charts. It also has specialist modules for Traditional Western Medieval, Hellenistic, Horary and Electional Astrology; Vedic, Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology.

Janus 5 the great new version of Janus When Hamish Sanders and Mark Griffin contacted me about their work on the new version of Janus, I was excited to hear about all that they had done.

I was deeply impressed by their design skills, commitment to excellence, and incredible responsiveness to all of my ideas and input.

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  • As the only software with full and well-written natal, transit, compatibility, and comprehensive relocation reports built-in all licensed for resale , it has appealed to both beginners and those most interested in delineations.

    Fans of the program's interpretations will be happy to hear that all of the delineations have been examined and improved, and Janus 5 has superb point-and-click popup Quick Interpretations e.

    But Janus has always appealed to professional astrologers too. Its predictive searches for SuperMoons, and Out-of-Bounds planets , astromap capabilities e.

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    The Traditional Astrology module, designed with the help of Robert Zoller, has always been a big draw to astrologers using Hellenistic and Medieval methods. The new version has both new and enhanced functions, such as easier selection of points planets, Fixed Stars, asteroids, and Arabic Parts aka Greek Lots , new wheels with Terms and Decans, and colored tables. Two of the most important issues with previous versions of Janus, difficulty installing it, and conflicts with other software preventing it from running, have been fully resolved.

    Version 5 now installs effortlessly, and runs smoothly on Windows versions 7 through And it guides you in importing Janus 4 files. It is no surprise that Janus, one of the best designed and easiest to use astrology programs, has become even more user-friendly.

    You can create your own set of buttons with text labels for many screens, to have fast access to all of the functions you use most often. With new tabs and customizable layouts too, the program is a real joy to work with.

    Portable astrology software . janus 4.1

    The top professional astrology programs have Vedic modules, and the update adds a very well-designed module including a Four Vedic Chart Screen, listings of Dasas down to 3 levels, an excellent Panchang missing from most programs , an Ashkoot compatibility table, and a planet conditions screen that shows the sign, house, aspects, Avastha, a score of strength, and more.

    But those Theme Maps didn't take into account enough planetary factors to be reliable, usually only the significator of the theme e. Venus for love. Janus 5 introduces the first Whole Theme Maps that take into account not only the significator but also both the house lord and the occupants of the house e. In fact, this module is so advanced that you can specify the house system and Zodiac to use, enabling all astrologers to benefit from its flexibility and power. Astromapping in the new version is also greatly enhanced in many other ways, e.

    Portable astrology software . janus 4.1

    When the eclipse in August crossed America, everyone wanted to know exactly when the eclipse would reach totality at their location.

    Janus 5's Solar Eclipse maps are the only ones that actually show you the time of totality for the entire eclipse path, and can be set for your current time zone.

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    One new feature that most astrologers will happily use is the Calendar. I'm amazed at how well-thought-out this module is. First of all, it provides you with a choice of many calendars, including presets for a yearly calendar of major mundane events, a monthly natal or mundane or both natal and mundane calendar, and a daily calendar with both types of events. There is also a very useful key to all of the abbreviations used in the calendar.

    You can adjust the font size, and if you make the font size too large to show all of the events, the software alerts you by inserting a triangle in the cell for the day, which you can click on to see all of the events for that day. You can customize the Calendar in many ways: appearance e. This is a uniquely powerful calendar.

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    Janus 5 is a ground-breaking astrology program. It has truly phenomenal Traditional Astrology, Calendar, Predictive, and Astromapping modules, great Page and Wheel designers, comprehensive and excellent delineations, and so much more. For many astrologers, it will be the only program they will ever need. In my article on The Value of the User Interface in Astrology Software , Janus already had one of the two best user interfaces of all astrology programs.

    I'm happy to report that the new interface only makes the program even easier both to learn to use and to work with.

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    And you can customize most screens to work optimally for you, e. In fact, in my many decades of experience with astrology software, this is one of the biggest and best updates of any program ever released.

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  • What makes it so outstanding are both the improvements to existing modules and the addition of some amazing new ones. A few of the completely new features are: A phenomenally powerful Astrological Calendar screen offering more options than any other calendar including the ability to configure as many different daily, monthly, and yearly calendars as you want, using many points and events. The world's best Astrological Theme Maps. Often, people using astromapping want to see a map that highlights the locations that are optimal for a specific life theme like marriage, career, etc.

    Janus 5 has created theme maps that go far beyond what has been done before, such as showing lines and areas for the ruler of a house, residents in a house, and more. Virtually every section of Janus has been improved, many quite significantly, especially Traditional Astrology , Chart Search, Solar Eclipse Maps , and all of its interpretations.

    For example, the Predictive TimeLine has become a stunning feature.

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    With the depictions of the lunations, added event searches, and much better depictions of every event, it is now a very valuable astrological tool. I will be adding more to this section in the future, including both parts of my The Mountain Astrologer review. In the meantime, please feel free to check out my discounted price for Janus 5 here.

    And you can see all of the Janus 5 screenshots I've created here.

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    In the past, a small number of astrologers ran into problems installing or running Janus. The new version is rewritten from the ground up and these issues have been completely resolved.

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    You can customize the appearance of the quick access button menu by adding, removing and ordering to your own preference. NEW Control panel. Right click and change the top to bottom order of the Chart, Charts and Chart Files. NEW Chart Files accessible on main screen.

    NEW Birth data.

    Providing 30 years of professional astrological services

    Right click to display or remove birth data. Change font size. NEW New cities can be added to the atlas directly in this window.

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  • Users can add or remove cities and change zoom level city displays at. NEW Profection lists now include annual with monthly, monthly with 2. Presets are a useful tool for maintaining your frequently used settings.

    We recommend that you create Presets of your preferred settings in any of the windows you use that have the Presets feature. If you aren't familiar with Janus, these previous reviews will help you to understand many of the myriad capabilities of the program.

    Some of the features will have been significantly enhanced since these articles, but you'll still get a sense of them.