Mod the sims 2 risky woohoo

Mod the sims 2 risky woohoo

I never really use the Risky woohoo option because I already have plans laid out for my sim. I already pick out a suitable wife -to-be for my male sim and didn't want to complicate things with illegitimate children. Does the disgrace for having a child out of wedlock gossip only exclusive for celebrity sims or is that like a universal thing? Awhile ago, I made myself a 2% risky woohoo mod. I was recently asked if I would release it. I have decided to do that but also added additional percentages. In the zip file you will find 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20 percent woohoo packages. Only use one at a time in your mods folder. This mod will conflict with any mod that alters woohoo/5(34). The Sims 4 Risky Woohoo Sex MOD by scarletqueenkat Download Woohoo safely no longer!! Now when your sims woohoo there will be a chance of pregnancy! ALL woohoo spots are included. I did test this very thoroughly with a risky chance set to %, neither Elders nor Teens got pregnant. After 5 days of the initial Woohoo/Mess Around, Elders and Teens still never had any babies. MC Command Center has a risky woohoo capability with the woohoo module. You can set the %chance of getting pregnant through any in-game computer. In order for this to work, you will need the main and woohoo modules. To get the woohoo module, you will need to follow the link in the mod's description to MTS's sister site. Jun 25,  · LP sims will be available for download when the LP comes to an end. The only sims I'll really have available for download upfront are sims from my create-a-sims, so check those out if you're.

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    Mod the sims 2 risky woohoo

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    Risky Woohoo Sex MOD

    Custom content not showing up in the game? Anyone can use both. On Mac, use Stuffit. If you don't have a Downloads folder, just make one. Search Advanced Search. Back to download view. Just curious about something Much appreciated. Out of curiosity, does this also make pregnancy possible from woohoo at the male's house? I know there are other mods that do this. I don't care one way or another--so this isn't a request or anything--I'm just curious.

    Okay here goes, how do you change the percentage with SimPe, I read what someone posted but it was not very thorough it told what to change it to but not what to change Also I have tried what you said to get the pregnant belly and never did, I didn't think actual teen meshes could have the belly? Am I wrong? I am so confused Posts: 14 Thanks: in 4 Posts. My sim got pregnant after 1 woohoo! Will try this tomorrow.

    In real life the odds of someone using birth control correctly having an accidental pregnancy are so low 0. Posts: Thanks: in 6 Posts. This is great It works perfectly for me in my game I've only had this hack for a few days and already i have had a pregnancy from regular woohoo-ing It's great, so a big big thank you for this one.

    Great Hack! Works perfect! Love the idea of playing "who's your daddy" with the quiet pregnancy option. Well done!

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    Posts: 52 Thanks: in 2 Posts. I just had my first "rushed" wedding if you know what I mean!

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    It was soooo much fun! Really forces perfection nuts like me off the beaten path and to play differently. One of my favorite mods.

    Posts: 39 Thanks: in 6 Posts. One of my sim women went over to her lovers house for a little on the side, and I guess it must've made her pregnant, because she doesn't get the option of 'try for baby' anymore.

    Sims 4: Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby Chances Mod

    The problem is that even though she is pregnant its not showing.. Any ideas on how to fix this? Or you could delete them and exit out to the neighbourhood, when you come back in she should enter the next stage of pregnancy. Or InSiminator can accelerate a pregnancy and that will make her enter the next stage, but you need to remember to de-accelerate the pregnancy or she will give birth in a matter of Sim hours Also - don't forget that older sim ladiess loose the option to try for a baby as they approach elderhood.

    I'm using this hack, had several "woohoo's" in different houses and no unwanted preg's. Hi again I just downloaded the quiet pregnancy hack yesterday and put it into my game My sim woman became pregnant after a woohoo, and i still heard the "baby bells".. The other hack obviously worked so i'm not sure why this one didn't Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Does anyone know if this mod will work with the Pregnancy4All mod?

    Mod the sims 2 risky woohoo

    But as long as it won't conflict with that mod, I can still use it, so no big. I'd just like to know, so I can be prepared if it does. Posts: 9 Thanks: in 1 Posts.

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    Reading through all this, seems some people are confused. The way I understand this mod, you can still choose "have a baby" or the corsponding option if other hack are involved , this would be like intentionally not using birth control in real life, and would have a higher chance of resulting in pregnancy.

    I don't think that is an unreasonable number. Birth control does fail, I thought the percentage was a little higher that what some were saying, but I didn't check. But there is also user error, miscalculation "We don't need BC, it not that time in the cycle" - "oops I guess it was Also, do the math. You can't try it 4 or 5 times, then say the hack doesn't work.

    You can't even do it 20 times and know. Anyway, thanks for this, I'll try it out. I've been thinking they should have made the game that way in the first place, I'm glad I found this. Thanks PrivateSim I didnt notice how close to becoming an elder she was, so i just made her 10 days younger with SimPE and all is working fine now.

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  • In first post I saw QuietPregnancy. It means that you can abort pregnancy? Why do you steel need this one file? Does QuietPregnancy effect the Try For a baby option? It worked the first time my sim woohooed!

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    I downloaded all but the "silent" and "public" features but oddly enough, I didn't know she preggie until she threw up. There was no music, even though I didn't download the silent chimes option. Is this normal? Who Posted. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors.